After close to 5 years as a Lyft and Uber driver, I started this business to help other individuals build their future away from a 9 to 5 job, Driving was my side hustle, I loved it and I did it part-time then I chose to go full time. Soon, I discovered some challenges and I would jump back and forth between corporate jobs and business owner, Finally, it clicked. The gig economy started me on the path to becoming a fully sustaining thriving business.
I am here to share with you tools on how to create a successful business through coaching you through my experience.

Henry S

Business Partner

She is my Social Media Content expert and has a breadth of knowledge in finances and taxes. She has written on finances for a financial firm, and she has written many articles on budgeting She also has written her own book and contributed to another book for the Chicken Soup series.. But to do justice to her command of the language and its poetry, here is her written bio.

Dear Reader,
I used to dream in colors, vivid, bright, out-of-this-world colors! I used to imagine the strangest worlds, worlds where a field of grass could become the seas of Columbus’ and then the next moment, it was range of wild buffalo that needed taming. But so much more than that, those fields could talk and tell us the next adventure they wanted to take us on. I remember spending hours in those fields, just listening to the wind and the grass whispering.
There are certain movies that bring me back to that mindset, to that place where my heart sings again. Those movies are Hook, Mr Magorium’s Wonder Emporium, The Little Prince, BFG (Big Friendly Giant), Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them, Alice In Wonderland (with Johnny Depp)…
The characters in these movies who still believe in magic and innocence, these are the ones who inspire me to be all that I can be. There is peace, hope and serenity in these characters. There is dreaming and helping someone become all they can be. And there is trust and friendship and honesty, yes, they acknowledge the fears and uncertainties of life, but walk with you through it. Sometimes these movies move me to tears, because I want to go back there so bad. I want to remember, to dream, to live again. I want to talk to crickets and plan an epic fantasy.
Somewhere, somehow through the years, my imagination and simplicity was stripped from my soul. Little by little, the real me was chipped away until my emotions became that of duty. My writing began to reflect ‘have to’ and lists instead of how to listen to trees and what it takes to see a ladybug build a house. It has been years since I last wrote emotionally, and it has been longer since I felt connected to the universe through my writing. I used to, i used to feel the wind in the words I wrote, I used to hear a song whispered in the night. I use to talk to the man in the moon.
I have always wanted to write, to try to make a living in the world of pen and paper. I have written a devotional book, Dry Bones Livin’ (available on Amazon), I have written for many blogs and magazines, I love writing! I am in the process of taking that dream full-time. But even more specifically, the road less traveled for me is opening up my imagination again and removing the clutter that has gathered in mind all these years. This is where I belong, where I feel at peace, as if angels are singing and flowers can talk. Bugs became horses that fairies rode on and leaves could be used to paint a fence into a masterpiece for the Sistine chapel.
A return to the simple, learning to remember the important things in life… that’s the point of my blog. You will see it reflected in posts about how to handle finances, about getting a side hustle you love, about focusing on minimizing stress and time spent on tedious and useless tasks. I challenge you to return to the un-chaotic life with me. It will take some work for all of us, the stories always say that grownups forget to easily and struggle to recall the simple things of life. But, for me, it is a struggle I have to take, I am on the edge of remembering and don’t want to go back to a lifeless, colorless, duty filled, stressed killing life… I want, no I need, to remember again, to see the ladybugs fight the ants and to hear a flower’s tale of days gone by and to wonder the journey that a stone took to land outside of my house. Please join me if you dare…
I pray that you are blessed and inspired through my writing and that this blog becomes an agent of living freely in faith, peace, gratitude and simplicity.
Lydia Y-S.